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The Italian campaign

The Italian campaign 17961797

By 1795, the anti-French coalition was dissolving, and only Austria and England remained at war with France. Napoleon convinced the Directory to let him attack Austria's position in Northern Italy, and on March 2, 1796, the Directory, still owing its existence to him, made him commander of the Army of Italy. Using lightning attacks and the advantage of surprise, Napoleon first defeated Austria's allies in the region (Piedmont and Sardinia). On May 10, Napoleon inflicted an embarrassing defeat on the Austrians at the Battle of Lodi. Soon the various republics of Italy, from Naples to Rome, surrendered to French control.
The Italian campaign was not over, however: the Austrians came back with 60,000 reinforcements to attack the now-weary French army. Yet the French, under Napoleon's leadership, still managed to win, at the Battle of Arcole (November 15-17, 1797) and at the Battle of Rivoli (January 14, 1797). Napoleon then marched to Vienna, the Austrian capital, and forced Emperor Francis II to sign the Treaty of Campo Formio on October 17, 1797.

Ajman, 1970, Battle of Rivoly

Ajman, 1971, Bonaparte at Arcole

Ajman, 1973, Bonaparte at Arcole

Central African Republic, 1989, Napoleon at the Battle of Rivoli

Congo, 1969, Battle of Rivoli

Dahomey, 1969, Bonaparte at Arcole

Equatorial Guinea, 1977, Battle of Rivoli

France, 1972, Napoleon at the Bridge of Arcole

French Polinesie, 1969, Bonaparte as Commander-in-Chief, Italy

Fujeira, 1970, Battle of Rivoly

Gabon, 1969, Battle of Rivoly

Manama, 1972, Bonaparte at Arcole

Mozambique, 2009, Napoleon

Paraguay, 1970, Bonaparte at Arcole

Rwanda, 1969, Bonaparte at Arcole

San-Marino, 1982, Napoleon in San Marino

San-Marino, 1989, Army of Napoleon

San-Marino, 2000, Napoleon's offer to extend territory

Senegal, 1970, Evocation of Eroica Symphony

Sharjah, 1970, Bonaparte at Arcole

Sharjah, 1970, Bonaparte at Arcole

St. Vincent, 2004, Napoleon Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole

Yemen (Kindom), 1969, Battle of Rivoly

Yemen (Kindom), 1970, Napoleon at Arcole

France, Cadenet. Andre Estienne

France, 1969.12.2021, Paris. Napoleon

France, 1972.11.11, Paris. Napoleon at the Bridge of Arcole

France, 1972.11.1112, Hirson. Napoleon at the Bridge of Arcole


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