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Lorer (Лорер) Nikolay Ivanovich
(1797 or 1798—1873)

Lorer (Лорер) Nikolay Ivanovich (1797 or 1798—1873)

Nikolay Lorer was a major of Vyatsky infantry regiment. The participant of foreign campaigns 1813-1814 (Dresden, Kulm, Leipzig, Paris) served in guards Lithuanian regiment, the lieutenant (on July, 4th 1818), on November, 11th 1819 is dismissed from service on house circumstances. Again he has acted on service in guards Moscow (before Lithuanian) regiment in 1820, since November, 26th 1822 major. Lorer was the Member of Southern and Northern societies of Decembrists. he was condemned under IV category. He was in prisons of Chita and the Peter factory with 1827 on 1832. On settlement he lived in Kurgan. In 1837 he was certain as the private soldier to Caucasus in Tenginsky infantry regiment, where he was colleague of poet Lermontov. In 1842 in a grade of the ensign he was retired. He died in Poltava.

USSR, 1986.09.26, Nikolay Lorer


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