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The Louvre Museum is an intersection of time, space and national boundaries. The rich collection includes objects from the Egyptian pharaons, the halls of Roman Emperors, paints by French artists and many other interesting collections. From the fortress of Philippe Auguste (1190) to the completion of the "Grand Dessein" (1870), the Louvre palace has extended progressively along the right bank of the Seine. A true barrier separating the northern and southern parts of the city, the building constitutes the point of departure of the great East-West view, which crosses the Arc du Carrousel, the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysées, and extends right out to the new Arch de la Défense. The international renown of the Louvre museum sometimes makes us forget that it was originally designed as a palace. Since the Middle Ages, its development has been quite exceptional, marked by both the major events of French history and the succession of architects and decorators who have left their mark on it.
Established in 1793 by the French Republic, the Louvre Museum, in the company of the Ashmolean Museum (1683), the Dresden Museum (1744) and the Vatican Museum (1784) is one of the earliest European museums. Divided into 7 departments, the Louvre collections incorporate works dating from the birth of the great antique civilisations right up to the first half of the XIXth century, thereby confirming its encyclopaedic vocation. The collections are: Oriental Antiquities, Islamic Art, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Sculptures, Art Objects, Paintings, Prints and Drawings, History of the Louvre and Art of Civilizations of Africa, Asia, Oceania and Americas. The Pyramid, one of the Museums entrance, was built in 1985 by the architect I.M.Pei. The idea was to move the museums entrance to an underground level in the Cour Napoléon, surmounted by this pyramid.
This proposal met many controversies: some saw it like a sacrilege; others like a stroke of genius. The masterpieces here exposed are so many that we cannot mention each of them: we absolutely have to indicate the world famous Monnalisa or Gioconda by Leonardo da Vinci, many paintings by Italian artists such as Michelangelo and Guido Reni; drawings by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Salviati and Correggio; and the enchanting Egyptian collection. If you come in Paris, you cannot loose a visit to one of the most interesting museums of the world!

Aden/Upper Yaffa, 1967, Louvre

Andorra (french post), 1983, Balloons, Louvre

Cambodge, 1989, Coach near Louvre

China, 1998, Louvre palace

Comoren Islands, 2008, Buildings of Paris

El Salvador, 1998, Player and the Louvre

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1936, Plane over Paris

France, 1947, Louvre

France, 1954, Louvre

France, 1973, Arc de Carroussel and Telephone Exchange

France, 1983, Balloon over Louvre

France, 1989, Louvre

France, 1989, Marie-Jean de Condorcet near Louvre

France, 1993, Louvre

France, 1998, Louvre

France, 1999, Paris Panorama

Ghana, 1989, Map of Paris

Guinea, 2006, John Paul II, Louvre

Guinea, 2007, Piramide du Louvre, Arc de Triumphe

Guinea, 2007, Madlene

Guinea, 2007, Salonina Matidia, Louvre

Guinea, 2007, Louvre

Guinea, 2010, Louvre

Guinea Bissau, 2003, Louvre

Guinea Bissau, 2003, Louvre

Guinea Bissau, 2007, Buildings of Paris

Guinea Bissau, 2008, Napoleon, Louvre

Guyana, 2001, The Quay of the Louvre

Korea Nord, 1982, Montgolfier over Louvre

Latvia, 2004, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe

Madagaskar, 1999, Louvre

Palau, 2000, Innaguration of Pai's Piramid

Rwanda, 1984, Baloons over Louvre

Sao Tome e Principe, 1991, Paris map (1615)

Sierra Leone, 1989, Georges Danton, Louvre

Turks & Caicos, 1991, The Pont du Carrousel and the Louvre

Vanuatu, 1983, Balloon over Louvre

Wallis & Futuna, 1993, Louvre

China, 1998.12.09, Beijing. Pagoda and Louvre

France, Paris. Louvre

France, 1999.03.26, Paris. Buildings

France, 2004.06.04, Paris. Arc de Carroussel

France, 2005.11.10, Paris. Louvre

German Federal Republic, 2008.06.14, Bonn. Louvre

Wallis & Futuna, 1993.04.12, Mata-Utu. Louvre

France, 1996, Louvre

France, 1999, Louvre, Invalides

France, 2004, Louvre

France, 2004, Plane over Paris

France, 2004, Plane over Paris

France, 2004, Louvre

France, 2006, Louvre

China, 2008, Louvre

France, 1935, Louvre

France, 1936, Louvre

France, 1989, Louvre


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