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Guise Martín Jorge

Guise Martín Jorge (1780—1828)

He entered to serve in the British Navy and participated in many naval actions between England, Spain and France in the Napoleonic wars. When recovering peace in Europe after the battle of Waterloo, he bought and he equipped a ship and he was transferred to America, going to Buenos Aires and Chile. To the control of the Lautaro, he took part in the expeditions directed by Cochrane towards Peru. He later integrated the liberating expedition of San Martín and attended all the military operations of the coast. Head of the Peruvian square was named laying the foundations of Navy military. He received the rank of vice-admiral in 1823. He directed the blockade of the strengths of the Callao until his surrender. When the war against the Great Colombia in 1828, again assumed the control of the square and managed to take the port from Guayaquil, but President passed away on board in the attack of the frigate.

Peru, 1921, Martin Guisse

Peru, 1971, Martin Guisse

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