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Constitution of 3 May 1791

Series: Bicentenary of of the Constitution of 3 May 1791

Poland, 1991, 3000 Zl. 11 (1/2) x 11. multicoloured

Michel: 3330, block 112
Scott: SS 3037
Stanley Gibbons: MS3355
Yvert et Tellier: block 122

Jan Matejko's painting "The Constitution of 3 May 1791".

The painting depicts King Stanislaus Augustus together with members of the Grand Sejm and inhabitants of Warsaw entering St John's Cathedral in order to swear in the new national constitution just after it had been adopted by the Grand Sejm in the Royal Castle visible in the background. On the horse at right — Jozef Poniatovski.

Artists: Matejko Jan

Plots: Poniatowski Josef

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