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Bicentenary of The Convention of Tauroggen

Bicentenary of The Convention of Tauroggen

German Federal Republic, 2012, 55 c.

Michel Ganzsachen: USo 277

The Convention of Tauroggen was a truce signed 30 December 1812 at Tauroggen (now Tauragė, Lithuania), between Generalleutnant Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg on behalf of his Prussian troops, and by General Hans Karl von Diebitsch of the Russian Army. Yorck's act is considered a turning point of Prussian history, triggering an insurgency against Napoleon in the Rheinbund.

According to the Treaty of Tilsit, Prussia had to support Napoleon's invasion of Russia. This resulted in some Prussians leaving their army to avoid serving the French, among them Carl von Clausewitz, who joined Russian service.

Plots: The Russian Campaign

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