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Kessel Joseph

Kessel Joseph(18981975)

Born in Argentina to a family of Lithuanian origins, Kessel grew up in South America and in Russia before arriving in France for his schooling. He worked as a journalist for 17 years while also trying his talent as an actor. His interest in international affairs and adventurous spirit put him in the midst of the century's upheavals, which also became background for his novels. In LÉquipage (1923), he wrote the first novel about aviation; his Les Captifs won the Grand Prize of the Académie française in 1926. He worked as a war correspondent when WWII broke out, then joined the Resistance with his nephew Maurice Druon, both of whom were eventually to escape France and join De Gaulle in London. After war's end he took up his old career as foreign reporter, covering Palestine, Africa and the Sub-continent. During the same time he continued to publish: Le Tour du malheur, Les Amants du Tage, La Vallée des Rubis, Le Lion, In 1962 he was elected to the Acaémie française.

Central African Republic, 1985, Kessel, riders

Guinea, 2008, Brokeback Mountain, Belle De Jour

Monaco, 1998, Joseph Kessel

Niger, 1985, Kessel, Lion and girl


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