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Slovacki Juliusz

Slovacki Juliusz (18091849)

Juliusz Slovacki was one of the foremost Polish romantic poets. He was a revolutionist, and he joined the Polish expatriates in Paris.
Slowacki was extremely conscious of the great literary traditions, and his works show the influence of other authors. His poetic tragedies deal with the conflict of good and evil, particularly in Polish history, and are reminiscent of the works of Shakespeare. Slowacki's Balladina (1834) and Lilla Weneda (1839) were drawn from early legends. His Horsztynski (1840) is known as the Polish Hamlet. King Spirit (1847), a philosophic poem influenced by Dante's Divine Comedy, reveals his later mystical tendencies and exemplifies his stylistic virtuosity. His epic of manners Beniowski (1841) brought the Don Juan theme to Polish literature. Slowacki is considered the national bard.
He died in Paris prematurely of tuberculosis.

Poland, 1927, Juliusz Slovacki

Poland, 1947, Wyspianski, Slowacki and Kasporowicz

Poland, 1947, Wyspianski, Slowacki and Kasporowicz

Poland, 1948, Polish Culture

Poland, 1949, Juliusz Slovacki

Poland, 1962, Juliusz Slovacki

Poland, 1978, Juliusz Slovacki

Poland, 2009, Juliusz Slowacki

Poland, 2009.08.31, Warsaw. Juliusz Slowacki

Poland, 1938, Juliusz Slovacki

Poland, 1963, Decorating to The Constant Prince

Poland, 1965, Decoration to Kordian

Poland, 1965, Helena Modrzejewska as Maria Stuart

Poland, 1968, Juljusz Słowacki

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