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Eftimiu Viktor

Eftimiu Viktor(1889—1972)

Romanian writer of Albanian origin.Distinguished personality of Romanian culture and world culture.Academician Eftimiu was born in village Boboshtice of Korca, andemigrated in the first years of his life in Bucharest of Romania. Among the most outstanding works of Eftimiu is the novel "Man who saw death with his own eyes", "The Black Cock", "Prometheus","Dr.Faust" etc. , any many creative writings with Albanianmotives such as "Portraits and Memoirs", "Two crosses", the short poem "Scanderbeg", the essay "Albanian Folklore", etc. During his life, he kept links with the birthplace. At the beginning of the20s, he was the chairman of a patriotic association which workedfor the protection of the rights of Albania as an independentstate.

Albania, 1999, Viktor Eftimiu

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