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Vazha Pshavela

Vazha Pshavela (18611915)

Vazha Pshavela is the pen-name of the Georgian poet and writer Luka P. Razikashvili, a classic of the new Georgian literature. He was born in a small village Chargali (Pshavi mountainous province in Eastern Georgia). He graduated from the Pedagogical Seminary in Gori and then during two years he was unattached student of the St. Petersburg University (Russia). Afterwards he returned to Georgia and worked as a teacher of Georgian language. Vazha Pshavela was author of many world-class literary works (Poems: Aluda Ketelauri, Bakhtrioni, Gogotur and Apshina, Host and Guest, Snake eater, Eteri, Mindia, etc.). Poems and narrative stories of Vazha Pshavela are published in more than 20 languages. He was also a famous representative of a National-Liberation movement of Georgia.Vazha Pshavela died in 1915, in Tbilisi.

Georgia, 2000, Vazha Pshavela

USSR, 1961, Vazha Pshavela

USSR, 1961.07.26, Tbilisi. Birth centenary of Vazha Pshavela

USSR, 1986, Vazha Pshavela

USSR, 1977.12.28, Vazha Pshavela monument in Tbilisi

USSR, 1984.02.02, Vazha Pshavela monument in Tbilisi

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