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Brovka (Бровка) Piatrus

Brovka (Бровка) Piatrus (1905—1980)

A poet, prose writer, children's writer, translator, and a political figure, was born into a peasant family on June 12, 1905, in the Vitsebsk region. He started working in 1918 as a book binder, then later worked in collective farms. Brouka graduated from the Belarusian State University, majoring in literature and linguistics, after which he worked for several newspapers and journals. During World War II he volunteered to go to the front, where he worked for a newspaper and helped to publish various proclamations for resistance. After the war he worked for the Union of Belarusian Writers and continued writing for various journals. He took part in UN Assembly (1959). Several times Brouka was elected deputy to the Supreme Council of Belarus and of the USSR. He was also elected Academician of the National Academy of Sciences. He was the editor-in-chief, from 1967, of many editions of the Belarusian Soviet Encyclopaedia volume.

Brouka started publishing his poems in 1926. He authored about 30 books of poetry, also a few books of prose, and wrote scripts for two operas. He translated into Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian poets, and some poems by G. Byron. His early poems are full of romantic and lofty praise of new life and the hopes that a Revolution would bring. During WWII the contents of his works deepened and became more patriotic. In the 1960-1970s he wrote more of moral and philosophical issues. His poetry has very a clear and active social tone, full of zeal for his country. However, some of his verses didn't survive his time, being not truly artistic.

He was awarded four orders of 'Lenin', orders of 'October Revolution', 'Red Star Order', 'Friendship of Nations', 'Sign of Honour Order', and medals. He was given the title of 'Hero of Socialist Work' (1972), 'Honorary Scientist of Belarus' (1975), chosen 'Honorary Citizen of Minsk' (1980), 'Academician of Academy of Sciences' (1966), and many various State Prizes. In Minsk there is P. Brouka museum, and in other towns where he lived there are some memorable plaques and small exhibitions devoted to him. Streets in six Belarusian towns bear his name, as well as the Belarusian Encyclopaedia Publishing Company. There is also a special Brouka Grant in the Belarusian State University.

Belarus, 2005.06.25, Minsk. Piatrus Brovka

Belarus, 2005, Piatrus Brovka

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