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Maironis (born Jonas Mačiulis) is one of the most famous Lithuanian romantic poets. He was born in Pasandravys, Raseiniai district municipality, Lithuania. Maironis graduated from Kaunas high school and went on to study Literature at Kiev University. However, in 1884, after one year of studies at the university, he entered Kaunas Spiritual Seminary. While being at the seminary, Maironis became an active member of the Lithuanian National Movement. Maironis wrote a number of poems. Some of them are contained in his most famous collection of poems "Pavasario Balsai" (The Voices of Spring). Later Maironis studied at St. Petersburg Catholic Theological Academy. In the later years of his life, Maironis worked as a rector of Kaunas Seminary and as a professor at Kaunas University, where he taught literature.

Lithuania, 1933, Maironis

Lithuania, 1933, Maironis

Lithuania, 1994, Maironis

Lithuania, 2002, Script and Exposition

Lithuania, 2002, Museum Building

Lithuania, 2012, Maironis

USSR, 1982, Maironis monument in Kaunas

USSR, 1987, Maironis monument in Kaunas

USSR, 1979.11.13, Maironis monument in Kaunas

USSR, 1983.09.27, Maironis monument in Kaunas

USSR, 1986.10.21, Maironis monument in Kaunas

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