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d'Agoult Marie Catherine Sophie de Flavigny

d'Agoult Marie Catherine Sophie de Flavigny (1805Ч1876)

Marie Catherine Sophie de Flavigny, Vicomtesse de Flavigny was a French author, known also by her married name and title, Marie, Comtesse d'Agoult, and by her pen name, Daniel Stern.

She was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the daughter of Alexander Victor François de Flavigny (1770Ц1819), a footloose émigré French aristocrat, and his wife Maria Elisabeth Bethmann (1772Ц1847), a German banker's daughter. The young Marie spent her early years in Germany and completed her education in a French convent after the Bourbon Restoration. She entered into an early marriage of convenience with Charles Louis Constant d'Agoult, Comte d'Agoult (1790Ц1875) on May 16, 1827, thereby becoming the Comtesse d'Agoult. They had two daughters, Louise (1828Ц1834) and Claire (1830Ц1912). They were divorced on August 19, 1835.

From 1835 to 1839 she lived with virtuoso pianist and composer Franz Liszt, who was five years younger, and was then a rising concert star. She became close to Liszt's circle of friends including Frédéric Chopin who dedicated his set of twelve Études, Op. 25 to her. D'Agoult had three children with Liszt; however, she and Liszt did not marry, maintaining their independent views and other differences while Liszt was busy composing and touring throughout Europe. Their children were Blandine (1835Ц1862), who was the first wife of future French prime minister Émile Ollivier but died at the age of 26; Cosima (1837Ц1930) (who first married pianist and conductor Hans von Bülow and then composer Richard Wagner); and Daniel (1839Ц1859), who was already a promising pianist and gifted scholar when he died of tuberculosis.

In 1876 she died in Paris, and was buried in Division 54 of Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Her first stories (Hervé, Julien, Valentia, Nélida) were published in 1841-1845. Her best-known work (written as "Daniel Stern") is the Histoire de la Révolution de 1848 (appearing from 1850Ц53, in 3 volumes). D'Agoult's other works include Lettres Républicaines in Esquisses morales et politiques (1849, collected articles), Trois journées de la vie de Marie Stuart (1856), Florence et Turin (1862), Histoire des commencements de la république aux Pays-Bas (1872), "A Catholic Mother Speaks to Her Children" (1906, posthumously) and Mes souvenirs (1877, posthumously).

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