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Macourek Milos
Mach and Sebestova

Macourek Milos (19262002)Mach and Sebestova

Milos Macourek was a writer, author of theatre plays and film scripts, mainly focusing on children. He gained wider recognition with his books of prose Zoology, Jacob and Tow Hundred Granddads (1963) and Anteater in the Arithmetic Book (1966). His later works are based on successful film projects: Max and Sally on Holidays (1993). A Comprehensive summary of his literary work is offered in The Island for Six Thousand Alarm Clocks (2001). Milos Macourek was one of the leading Czech filmmakers and writers. He wrote screenplays for popular TV comedies in the 1960s, but later shifted his focus to children's films. His cartoons and TV series from the 1970s and 80s were and still are adored both by children and their parents.

Czech Republic, 2003, Mach and Sebestova

Czech Republic, 2003.05.28, Prague. Dag and Cat


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