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Michel Strogoff

The Czar must get a message from Moscow to his brother the Arch Duke who is currently on the other side of Russia in the city of Irkutsk. He calls upon his best courier, Captain Michel Strogoff, to secretly get the message across the Siberian frontier, which is currently being invaded by the Tartars, led by the Emir of Bokhara. The Czar warns Michael about the treachery of a Russian traitor named Ivan Ogareff, who is assisting with the invasion. During Michael's journey he encounters a girl who is also traveling to Irkutsk, to be reunited with her father who's living there in exile. He also meets two reporters, Harry Blount of The Daily Telegraph and Alcide Jolivet (who reports only to his "Cousin Madeleine"), who are covering the invasion.

Antigua, 1996, Mickey and Minney driving postcart

Antigua, 2005, Film Michael Strogoff

France, 2005, Michael Strogoff on the Horse

Maldives, 2004, Michael Strogoff

Monaco, 1955, Michael Strogoff

Monaco, 1978, Jules Verne and allegories

Nevis, 2005, Films, based on the Verne's novels

Nicaragua, 1978, Michael Strogoff


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