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Azzopardi Clare
(b. 1977)
When Christmas was not
Meta l-Milied ma giex

Azzopardi  Clare (b. 1977) When Christmas was not  Meta l-Milied ma giex

Clare Azzopardi was born in Malta in 1977. She studied at the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta and read for a Masters degree in Literacy at the University of Sheffield.

She has run creative writing workshops for both adults and children. She has written 6 textbooks for children called Stilel (2003-2006) and she has also edited a series of 12 childrens books called Senduq Kuluri/Senduq Buffuri (2005-2007). She is currently working on her first novel for children.

Her poetry and short stories have been collected in anthologies such as Illejla Ismagħni Ftit (2001), Gżejjer (Inizjamed, 2000), FKull Belt Hemm Kantuniera (Inizjamed, 2003), Ktieb għall-Ħruq (Inizjamed, 2004), and Storja Tinkiteb (Kunsill tal-lingwa, 2005). Translations of her short stories have been published in literary reviews, including In Focus (Pen Cyprus, 2005/2006), West 47, Cúirt 21(Ireland, 2006) Lettre (Hungary, 2006), Kulturas Forms (Latvia, 2006), Transcript (LAF, 2007), Skald (Wales, 2007).

She published Others, Across (Inizjamed and Midsea Books, 2005), which contains two short stories translated into English, and Il-Linja l-Ħadra (The Green Line) (2006), her first short story collection in Maltese which won the Maltese National Book Award for fiction. The story The Green Line was also nominated as one of the best online stories in 2006.

In 2003 Clare was a member of the Maltese group representing Inizjamed at the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean held in Athens. In 2006 she was a writer-in-residence for one month in Riga.

Malta, 2010, When Christmas was not

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