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Aberson Helen

Helen Aberson Mayer was born June 16, 1907 in Syracuse, New York and died at the age of ninety-one in New York City, New York on April 3, 1999 of Parkinson's Disease. She was married to Richard Mayer and had a son named Andrew who was living on Staten Island at the time of her death.

She received a Bachelor's degree in 1929 from Syracuse University and during the 1930s was the host of a Syracuse talk-radio program before her marriage. Apparently, she later did clerical work in Manhattan but also used the time to create a menagerie of animal characters.

Her son, Andrew, has mentioned that she liked to create animal characters and that the plots for stories she devised were often based on people or situations she had been in. She returned to Syracuse where she wrote 'Dumbo" which apparently was a little autobiographical in representing Helen's struggles.

"Yes, there is trial and travail (in the story of 'Dumbo') but he persevered, and in the long run, he was successful. At times (my mother's) life was difficult," cryptically commented Andrew at the time of her death.

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