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Gorham Michael
The Real Book of American Tall Tales

Gorham Michael (19061995)  The Real Book of American Tall Tales

Franklin Folsom was an American writer and linguist. He used Pseudonyms: Troy Nesbit, Franklin Brester, Lyman Hopkins, Samuel Cutler, Michael Gorham, Benjamin Brewster. He was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University, and he graduated from the University of Colorado in 1928. For a time he worked as a Rocky Mountain guide, an experience that must have developed his walking skills, for he enjoyed walking. At an advanced age he walked across the United 2 Views of World Peace march.

He wrote more than 80 books, some of which made the best-seller list. His books were instructive, but more important, they were able to be read by the general reading public. A number of his books were for children.

His books that helped me most in my field of anthropology included America's Ancient Treasures, Famous Pioneers, Red Power in the Rio Grande: The Native American Revolution of 1680, and Science and the Secret of Man's Past. Books written with his wife included If You Lived in the Days of the Wild Mammoth Hunters and The Story of Archaeology of the Americas. Though now deceased, Franklin will live for generations in the hearts and minds of all who are interested in spelunking or the Indian past of the Southwest.

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