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Makarenko (Макаренко) Anton Semyonovich
«The Pedagogical Poem»
«Педагогическая поэма»

Makarenko (Макаренко) Anton Semyonovich (1888–1939)«The Pedagogical Poem» «Педагогическая поэма»

Anton Makarenko was a Ukrainian and Soviet educationist and writer, one of the founders of the Soviet pedagogy, who elaborated the theory and methodology of upbringing in child collectives and of introducing the productive labor into the educational system.

In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution he established self-supporting orphanages for street children left orphaned by the Russian Civil War, including the Gorky Colony and later, under Stalin's auspices, the Dzerzhinsky Commune. The Soviet establishment hailed these establishments as a grand success in mass rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents.

Makarenko wrote several books, of which «The Pedagogical Poem», a fictionalized story of the Gorky Colony, was especially popular in the USSR.

USSR, 1962, Anton Makharenko

USSR, 1988, Anton Makharenko

Ukraine, 2008.03.12, Bilopilya. Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1963.03.13, Moskow. 75th Birth Anniv of Makharenko

USSR, 1963.03.13, Poltava. 75th Birth Anniv of Makharenko

USSR, 1978.03.13, Sumi. 90th Birth anniv. of Makharenko

USSR, 1988.03.13, Belopolie. Birth Centenary of Makharenko

USSR, 1988.03.13, Kiev. Birth centenary of Anton Makarenko

Ukraine, 2008, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1963, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1968, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1978, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1978, Makarenko monument in Sumi

USSR, 1987, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1985.07.30, Makarenko monument in Kharkov


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