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Gregoire Abbe

Gregoire Abbe (1750—1831)

Abbe Gregoire, a parish priest and deputy from the clergy of Lorraine, spoke in favor of minorities on many occasions during the Revolution. He had won one of the prizes of the Academy of Metz in 1788 for his essay urging relaxation of restrictions against the Jews in order to encourage their assimilation into the French nation, and he favored granting them full rights of citizenship in the debates of December 1789. He also took up the cause of the free blacks. After trying to speak on their behalf in the National Assembly and publishing this pamphlet, he continued to raise the question in 1790 and 1791. Gregoire tried to argue that giving rights to the free blacks would actually help maintain the slave system (free blacks manned the militias charged with hunting fugitive slaves in the colonies). But he also suggested that he still believed in the abolition of slavery too.

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