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The Nancy affair

The Nancy affair

The Nancy affair was the crushing of a military mutiny in Revolutionary France on 31 August 1790. French Army forces under the command of General François Claude de Bouillé entered the city of Nancy in northeastern France, where troops garrisoned their had been protesting about pay, and questioning the loyalty of their commanding officers. Although most of the mutinous troops had decided not to resist de Bouillé's entry into the city, some did. In the ensuing battle, soldiers on both sides were killed, along with a number of civilians. De Bouillé hanged 22 mutineers in the aftermath. The French National Assembly approved of de Bouillé's actions, but radicals protested its severity.

The officer Antoine-Joseph-Marc Désilles died in it and the city's Porte Désilles is named after him. De Bouillé, a committed Royalist, was later a leading force in Louis XVI's attempted flight to Varennes.

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