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Amsterdam, the greatest planned city of northern Europe, has always been a well-known name in world history. In the 17th century Amsterdam was the centre of world economy, and nowadays the city is known for its tolerant character. Amsterdam was founded as a fishing village around the thirteenth century. Amsterdam developed round a dam in the... More...

Ajman, 1971, Montelbaanstoren Tower

Czechoslovakia, 1965, Amsterdam, Horse Jumping

Czechoslovakia, 1967, Amsterdam's House

Gambia, 2001, View on New Cherch and Town Hall in Amsterdam

Gambia, 2002, Amsterdam House

Ghana, 2003, Popeye the Sailorman tours Amsterdam

Ghana, 2003, Popeye the Sailorman tours Amsterdam

Grenada, 2001, The Raampoortje Gate at Amsterdam

Guinea, 2007, Elisabeth Robinson, Amsterdam

Israel, 1970, Portuguese Sinagogue

Israel, 1988, House of Anne Frank

Liberia, 1996, Amsterdam, 1928

Marshall Islands, 2002, «Spyker» (1907) in Amsterdam

Netherlands, 1948, Palace on the Dam

Netherlands, 1948, Nieuwe Kerk

Netherlands, 1955, Bourse

Netherlands, 1968, Magere Bridge

Netherlands, 1969, Open-air school (1930)

Netherlands, 1969, Orhanage

Netherlands, 1975, Amsterdam

Netherlands, 1975, Portuguese Sinagogue

Netherlands, 1975, Amsterdam

Netherlands, 1975, Begjinhof

Netherlands, 1979, Porch of Old Amsterdam Theatre

Netherlands, 1980, Nieuwe Kerk and queen Beatrix

Netherlands, 1981, Nieuwe Kerk and queen Beatrix

Netherlands, 1982, Agnieten Chapel and Banners

Netherlands, 1982, Royal Palace

Netherlands, 1982, Royal Palace and Dam

Netherlands, 1985, Rijksmuseum

Netherlands, 1988, Violin and Concertgebow concert hall

Netherlands, 2005, Monument on Dam place

Netherlands, 2011, Noord-Zuid-Holands Coffee House

Netherlands, 2012, Rembrandt House

Poland, 2008, Rijksmuseum

St. Vincent, 2001, Raampoortje, Amsterdam (Wouter van Troostwijk)

Vatican, 2007, Old Town

YAR, 1970, Amsterdam's House

Netherlands, 1982.01.14, Amsterdam. Univercity

Netherlands, 1982.10.05, Amsterdam. Plan of Town Hall


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