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Manufacture and consumption of beer

Ajman, 1971, Octoberfest

Bavaria, 1911, Luitpold of Bavaria

Bavaria, 1911, Luitpold of Bavaria

Belgium, 1980, Brewer (16th century)

Belgium, 1984, Agricultural produce, glass of beer

Belgium, 1986, Hops, Glass of Beer and Barley

Belgium, 2006, Trappist beer and Geueze

Belgium, 2010, Mena Brewery

Belgium, 2010, Brewery in Marche-en-Famenne

Belgium, 2010, The Wielemans Tower

Belgium, 2010, Regionals products, including beer

Berlin, 1982, Brewery plunt

Bophuthatswana, 1979, Drying Germinated Wheat Sorghum

Bophuthatswana, 1979, Coocking the ground grain

Bophuthatswana, 1979, Sieving the liquid

Bophuthatswana, 1979, Drinking the beer

Bophuthatswana, 1990, Beer making

Cameroon, 1970, Fermenting Vats

Cameroon, 1970, Storage tanks

Chili, 1996, Alcohol and Drugs Awareness

Congo, 1973, General View of Brevery

Congo, 1973, Laboratory

Congo, 1973, Regulating vats

Congo, 1973, Control console

Congo, 1973, Bottling plant

Congo, 1973, Capping bottles

Costa Rica, 1954, Beer

Czech Republic, 2005, Cup of beer

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Hops and beer

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Pilsen and a bottle of beer

DDR, 1966, Motor cyclist and glass of beer

Denmark, 1980, Silver Tankard

El Salvador, 2006, Brandenburg Gate, ball and man with beer

France, 1995, Beer museum in Stenay

Gambia, 2002, Teddy bear with beer

German Federal Republic, 1978, Balloon on Octoberfest, 1820

German Federal Republic, 1982, Brewery plunt

German Federal Republic, 1983, Brewing

German Federal Republic, 2010, Octoberfest

Guernsey, 1992, Tram with brewery's advertisment

Guyana, 1995, Thanksgiving (USA)

Hungary, 1968, West Hungarian Jug, 1618

Latvia, 2005, Table laid with food and rink

Lesotho, 1980, Beer Strainer, Broom and Mat

Lesotho, 1980, Beer Mug

Lesotho, 1980, Beer brewing pot

Liechtenstein, 1973, Ivory Tankard

Luxemburg, 2004, Food and beer

Mexico, 1991, Glass of beer, Hop

Netherlands, 2002, Brewery in Breda

Netherlands, 2006, Man with beer

Poland, 1980, Brewery dray

Poland, 2006, Silver Beer Mug

San-Marino, 1993, Germany. Man with cap of beer

South Africa, 2004, Don't Drink and Drive

Spain, 2009, A man pouring cider

St. Kitts-Nevis, 1978, Brewery

St. Lucia, 2003, Sorrel drink and Ginger ale

Suriname, 1965, Brewery

Suriname, 1965, Brewery

Suriname, 1978, Brewery

Swaziland, 1999, Beer cups

Togo, 1968, Brewering Beer

Togo, 1968, Bottling-washing machine and bottle of Benin beer

Tonga, 1991, Don't Drink and drive (English inscription)

Tonga, 1991, Don't Drink and drive (Tongan inscription)

Transkei, 1984, Tasting the beer

Turks & Caicos, 2003, Beer mug with teddy bear pattern

Yugoslavia, 1998, Man from German with beer

Austria, 1961.05.15, Vienna. VIII Congress of Europian Beer Convention

Austria, 1995.10.07, Ladendorf. 10th Beer Exposition

Belgium, 1986.10.11, Antwerpen. Confederation of breweries of Belgian

Belgium, 1986.10.11, Pipaix. Year of the beer

Belgium, 2010.09.18, Lommen. Beer

Bophuthatswana, 1979.02.28, Dinokana. Sorghun, beer

Cameroon, 1970.07.09., Douala. Brewing in Cameroun

Czech Republic, 2005.05.04, Praha. Cup of beer

DDR, 1961.03.23, Radeberg. Export Beer

DDR, 1979.10.26, Rostock. Brewery VEB

Finland, 1985.06.02, Helsinki. Brewery Convention

France, 1987.0810, Dunkerque. Salon of Vine and Beer

France, 1997.09, Champigneulles. Centenary of Brasserie

German Federal Republic, 1961.11.30, Munchen. Munchen Beer

German Federal Republic, 1961.12.05, Duisburg. Konig Brewery

German Federal Republic, 1967.08.13, Lübbecke. Bierbrunnen fest

German Federal Republic, 1976.10.03, Munich. Octoberfest

German Federal Republic, 1978.07.07, Hof. City of good beer

German Federal Republic, 1978.07.19, Lübbecke. Bierbrunnen fest

German Federal Republic, 1981.07.16, Bitburg. Brewery

German Federal Republic, 1982.11.13, Dortmund. Opening of the Beer Museum

German Federal Republic, 1983.06.14, Hamburg. German Brewery Society

German Federal Republic, 1990.01.02, Munich. City of beer

German Federal Republic, 1990.10.07, Munchen. Octoberfest

German Federal Republic, 1991.09.08, Stuttgarter. Glasses with beer

German Federal Republic, 2010.09.09, Berlin. Drum

German Federal Republic, 2010.09.09, Bonn. Horn

Germany, 1939.05.01, Lubz. Meeting with Lubtzer Bier

Germany, 1942.02.02, Gorkau. The best Beer

Great Britain, 1972.07.26, Birmingham. The Beer Festival

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Beer, Seaton (Devon). Bottle of ale

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Bodmin, Cornwall. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Edinburgh. Beer

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Leicester. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Lincoln. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, London. R.A.T.S. Real Ale Tasting Society

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Thurnscoe, Rotherham. Time Gentlemen Please

Italy, 1959.05.11, Roma. Congress of Beer's Industry

Italy, 2002.06.22, Palermo. Beer Festival

Latvia, 2005.04.23, Riga. Beer

Luxemburg, 1963.08.08, Luxembourg. Men with glass of beer

USA, 1990.10.19, Walhalla. Octoberfest

Bavaria, 1906, Maximilian and Luitpold

Bavaria, 1916, Making a beer mug

Rumania, 1992, Brewery Aurora

Russia, 2003, Tonus Factory (former brewery)

Ukraine, 2009, Berezhany Castle

Bavaria, 1900, Beer mug

Bavaria, 1901, Octoberfest

Bavaria, 1906, Maximilian and Luitpold

Bavaria, 1907, Horse with beer's tubs

Bavaria, 1913, Octoberfest

Cuba, 1999, Donkey drink beer

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Hops and beer

Russia, 1872, Order form of Moskovskaya Bavaria beer factory

Russia, 1879, Order form of Moskovskaya Bavaria beer factory

Russia, 1889, Order form of Riga's beer factory

Ukraine, 2004, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


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