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The Latin name for the hop is Humulus lupulus' or wolf of the woods. It is a tall climbing plant and is one of a small number of species that is distantly related to the cannabis plant i.e. hemp, the nettle and the elm. The plants are dioecious, which means that the males and females flower on separate plants, and only the females bear the hop... More...

Belgium, 1986, Hops, Glass of Beer and Barley

Belgium, 2008, Hof festival, Asse

Bulgaria, 1967, Hop

Costa Rica, 1954, Beer

Czechoslovakia, 1938, Armament Factories

Czechoslovakia, 1956, Picking hops

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Hops and beer

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Pilsen and a bottle of beer

Czechoslovakia, 1962, Agricalture products (hop)

Czechoslovakia, 1965, Zatek - center of hop

German Federal Republic, 1998, Harvesting Hops

Hungary, 1961, Hop

Mexico, 1991, Glass of beer, Hop

Yugoslavia, 1955, Hop

Yugoslavia, 1981, Hop

Austria, 1995.10.07, Ladendorf. 10th Beer Exposition

Belgium, 1972.09.17, Poperinge. Hop

Belgium, 1974.04.13, Koksijde. Hop

German Federal Republic, 1990.01.02, Wolnzach. Hop

German Federal Republic, 1993.05.20, Dortmund. Hop

German Federal Republic, 1998.07.16, Bonn. Hop

Germany, 1942.02.11, Mainburg. Hop from Mainburg

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Bodmin, Cornwall. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Lincoln. Time Gentlemen Please

Czechoslovakia, 1952, Hof plantation

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Hops and beer

Poland, 1986, Hop


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