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Aden/ State of Hadhramaut, 1967, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere

Ajman, 1971, Octoberfest

Argentina, 2005, Pulperia El Torito

Argentina, 2005, Pulperia Perucho

Argentina, 2005, Pulperia Impini

Belgium, 1965, Brewer's House

Belgium, 2011, Buildings of Grand-Place

Bhutan, 1972, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere

Cabo Verde, 2001, Grand-Place

Chad, 1972, TV-Tower and Boxing

Czech Republic, 1997, Good Soldier Schweik

Czech Republic, 2001, The Sans-Souci Bar in Nimes

Great Britain, 2003, The Station (Andrew Davidson)

Great Britain, 2003, Black Swan (Stanley Chew)

Great Britain, 2003, The Cross Keys (George Mackenney)

Great Britain, 2003, The Mayflower (Ralph Ellis)

Great Britain, 2003, The Barley Sheaf (Joy Cooper)

Guernsey, 2006, Waiter in Paris with bottle of Stella Artois

Guinea, 2009, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere

Somali, 2003, A Bar at the Folies-BergerePossibly illegal issue

Togo, 1968, Bock Drinkers (Manet)

YAR, 1970, Glyptothek

YAR, 1970, Wittelshacherbrunnen

YAR, 1970, Maximilianeum

YAR, 1970, Maximilian I Joseph's monument

YAR, 1970, Propileus

YAR, 1970, Nymphenburger palace

YAR, 1970, City Hall

France, 1997.09, Champigneulles. Centenary of Brasserie

Great Britain, 2003.08.1112, Manchester. The Big Match

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Birchfield Road, Widnes. The Crown

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Birmingham. Pub Signs

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Bodmin, Cornwall. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Bury St Edmunds. The Smallest Pub in Britain

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Gloucester. Drinker's End

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Hereford. Cross Keys

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Leicester. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Lincoln. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, London. British Beer Pub Association

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, London. Pubs & Stars of Jazz

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, London. Taverners Way

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Queens Head, Oswestry. The Inn Sign Society

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield. The Scapehouse Inn

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Southsea, Hants. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2003.08.12, Thurnscoe, Rotherham. Time Gentlemen Please

Great Britain, 2005.01.11, Stoneleigh, Coventry. Farm Animals on Pub Signs

France, 2005, Brasserie Le Dom on Monparnasse

Bavaria, 1904, Brewery in Nurnberg

Czech Republic, 1999, Betleem kaple

Czech Republic, 2006, Pub in Karlovy Vary

Japan, 1989, Beer in Be Port

Netherlands, 2004, Beer cocktail


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