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Steen Jan
(с. 1626—1679)

Steen Jan(с. 1626—1679)

Dutch genre painter Jan Steen was born in Leiden c. 1625/26 into the family of a brewer. He enrolled briefly at the university in 1646, but very soon turned to painting. Steen probably received his training in Utrecht from Nicolaes Knüpfer, and worked in the workshops of Adriaen van Ostade in Haarlem and van Goyen in The Hague, whose daughter... More...

Ajman, 1971, The Doctor and his Patient

Fujeira, 1972, Tavern Scene

Guinea Bissau, 2008, Jan Steen

Hungary, 1969, A Merry Party (Jan Steen)

Liberia, 2000, Merry Family

Luxemburg, 1984, «Ephiphany»

Maldives, 2001, Sick Woman (Jan Steen)

Netherlands, 1940, Jan Steen

Netherlands, 1940, Jan Steen

Netherlands, 1979, Self-portrait of Jan Steen

Netherlands, 1999, Beware of Luxury

Paraguay, 1967, The Way You Hear it is the Way You Sing it

Rwanda, 193, Love Sickness

Sharjah, 1967, Self-Portrait as a Lutenist (Jan Steen)

St. Vincent, 1996, The Dissolute Household (Steen)

St. Vincent, 1996, Merry Company on a Terrace (Jan Steen)

St. Vincent, 2001, Sick Woman (Jan Steen)


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