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Heath William

Draughtsman, etcher and lithographer of caricatures and military subjects mainly after his own designs. He was the brother of Henry Heath. Many of his prints were signed with the figure of Paul Pry, a popular stage character of the day, but as this was constantly plagiarised he reverted to his own name.

Great Britain, 2005, Entrepreante with dismasted British Belle Isle

Great Britain, 2005, Nelson wounded on Deck of HMS Victory

Great Britain, 2005, Entrepreante attempting to rescue Crew of burning Achille

Great Britain, 2005, Catter and HMS Pickle

Great Britain, 2005, Nelson attacking in two columns

Great Britain, 2005, Franco/Spanish Flleet putting to Sea from Cadiz

Isle of Man, 2005, Prepare to the Battle; Victory in Sight

Lesotho, 2005, Admiral Nelson

Portugal, 2010, Battles of Pombal and Grijó


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