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Pocock Nicholas

Pocock Nicholas (17401821)

English painter, born in Bristol on 2 March 1740. He was apprenticed to his seaman father from 1754 and from 1766 captained Bristol trading vessels for the Champion family of merchants there the Lloyd, Betsey and Minerva on 12 voyages, mainly to America and the West Indies. While at sea he was able to indulge his interest in drawing and filled... More...

Anguilla, 1981, Nelson's Ships

British Indian Ocean Territory, 2005, Battle of Trafalgar

Ghana, 2006, Nelson's flagships

Gibraltar, 1998, Battle of the Nile

Gibraltar, 2005, Death of Nelson

Great Britain, 2005, Entrepreante with dismasted British Belle Isle

Great Britain, 2005, Nelson wounded on Deck of HMS Victory

Great Britain, 2005, Entrepreante attempting to rescue Crew of burning Achille

Great Britain, 2005, Catter and HMS Pickle

Great Britain, 2005, Nelson attacking in two columns

Great Britain, 2005, Franco/Spanish Flleet putting to Sea from Cadiz

Great Britain, 2005, Admiral Nelson

Grenada Grenadines, 2005, Battle of the Nile

Liberia, 2005, Nelson's Ships

Maldives, 2005, Battle of Trafalgar

Sierra Leone, 2005, At the commencement of the Battle of Trafalgar

St. Kitts, 2005, HMS Victory


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