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Rigaud John Francis

Rigaud John Francis (17421810)

Painter of portraits, history and decorative pieces. Born in Italy of French descent, he was mainly active in England. He trained in his native Turin as well as Florence and Bologna. After a two-year stay in Rome (176870) he moved to London in 1771. He was confident with both small and large scales as well as popular and unconventional subjects.... More...

Antigua, 1970, Admiral Lord Nelson

Ascension Island, 2005, British carronade

Ascension Island, 2005, Admiral Lord Nelson

Ascension Island, 2005, HMS Neptune and Santissima Trinidad

Ascension Island, 2005, HMS Victory

Gambia, 2005, Admiral Lord Nelson

Gibraltar, 1980, Horatio Nelson

Liberia, 2005, Fall of Nelson

Nevis, 1983, Nelson, HMS Boreas

Nevis, 1987, Captain Nelson

Nevis, 2005, Lord Howe on the Deck of the Queen Charlotte

Sierra Leone, 2005, Battle of Trafalgar

Solomon Islands, 2005, Admiral Lord Nelson


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