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Vereshchagin Vasily Vasilievich

Vereshchagin Vasily Vasilievich (18421904)

Being the son of a landowner of noble birth, Vasily Vasilievich Vereshchagin had to follow a military or diplomatic career and graduated from the Cadet School in St. Petersburg, but he could not overcome his passion for art and entered the Academy of Arts in 1860. The Academy taught entirely on the principles of late Classicism, which dissatisfied... More...

Ajman, 1971, Napoleon in Petrovsky Palace

Russia, 1992, Don't Touch, Let Me Approach

Sharjah, 1970, Napoleon Bonaparte

Sharjah, 1970, Napoleon Bonaparte. Battle of Jena

Yemen (Kindom), 1969, Napoleon in Petrovsky Palace

Yemen (Kindom), 1969, Napoleon in Petrovsky Palace


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