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Debret Jean-Baptiste

Debret Jean-Baptiste (1768—1848)

French painter. Born in Paris on April 18, 1768, he exhibited his paintings at the "Salon" from 1799 to 1814. In 1815 he went to Rio de Janeiro, where he founded an art institute and where he was given the title of "Chief Painter of the Brazilian Imperial Family". He stayed there until 1831 after having painted several portraits of the reigning family including Don Pedro and Don Juan VI. After he returned to France, he published an account of his life in Brazil: Voyage pittoresque et histoire au Bresil, 1834-1839. He died in Paris on June 11, 1848

Equatorial Guinea, 1977, Napoleon on Horseback

Ras al-Khaima, 1972, Napoleon gives an orden

Rwanda, 1969, Decorating Soldier befor Tilsit

Upper Volta, 1969, First presentation of the Legion of Honour


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