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Füger Friedrich Heinrich

Füger Friedrich Heinrich (17511818)

Heinrich Füger was a German historical painter, born at Heilbronn, Württemberg. He was a pupil of Guibal in Stuttgart and of Oeser in Leipzig. Afterward he traveled and spent some time in Rome and Naples, where he painted frescoes in the Palazzo Caserta. On his return to Vienna he was appointed court painter, professor and vice director of the Academy, and in 1806 director of the Belvedere Gallery. Among his historical paintings are: "The Farewell of Coriolanus" (Czernin Gallery, Vienna); "Allegory on Peace" (1801), and four other canvases in the Vienna Gallery; "Bathsheba" (Budapest Gallery); and among his portraits those of the Emperor Joseph II, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Queen Caroline of Naples, and Lord Nelson (National Portrait Gallery, London). He painted in the classic style of David and Mengs and was inclined to be theatrical.

Nauru, 2005, L'Aigle in action against HMS Defiance

Nauru, 2005, French Eprouvette pistol

Nauru, 2005, Santissimo Trinidad in action against HMS Africa

Nauru, 2005, HMS Victory

Nauru, 2005, Admiral Lord Nelson

St. Kitts-Nevis, 1980, Admiral Lord Nelson


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