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Rapp Jean

Rapp Jean (1771—1821)

Daring and courageous, Jean Rapp managed to survive two dozen wounds in his legendary career as one of the best of Napoleon Bonaparte's generals. A cavalryman from 1788, Rapp became Louis Desaix's aide in 1794, fighting with the general in Egypt and at Marengo. His next appointment was as an aide to Bonaparte himself and despite the fact he was a... More...

Chad, 1969, The Battle of Austerlitz

Equatorial Guinea, 1977, Battle of Austerlitz

Manama, 1970, The Battle of Austerlitz

Yemen (Kindom), 1969, Napolion in His Study. Battle at Austerlitz

Yemen (Kindom), 1969, Napoleon in Petrovsky Palace

France, Paris, post office Champs-de-Mars on av Rapp


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