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d'Auvergne Philippe

d'Auvergne Philippe (17541816)

Philip D'Auvergne, also known as 'Prince of Bouillon', was born in St. Helier, Jersey in 1754 and died in London on 18 Sep 1816. He served in the Royal Navy. The participant of Independence war in America. The convinced monarchist, after the French revolution supported any anti-French movements. After English-French peace contracts (1802) has... More...

Jersey, 1976, D'Auvern and Long Island Landing

Jersey, 1987, HMS Racehorse and HMS Carcass

Jersey, 1987, HMS Alarm on Fire, Rhode Island (1777)

Jersey, 1987, HMS Arethusa wrecked off Ushant (1779)

Jersey, 1987, HMS Rattlesnake, stranded on Isle of Trinidad (1782)

Jersey, 1987, Mont Orgueil Castle and fishing boat

Jersey, 1989, Philippe D'Auvergne presented to Louis XVI

Jersey, 1989, Auvergne's Headquarters at Mont Orgueil, 1795

Jersey, 1991, Prince's Tower La Hogue Bie

Jersey, 1991, Auvergne's Arrest in Paris

Jersey, 1991, Auvergne plotting against Napoleon (1803)

Jersey, 1991, HMS Surly (cutter) attacking French Convoy

Jersey, 1991, Auvergne's Last Days in London


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