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Collingwood Cuthbert

Collingwood Cuthbert  (17501810)

Having been at sea since the age of 11, Collingwood had been witness to some of the major battles of the era. As a midshipman he witnessed the land battle at Bunker Hill and served at the battles of Glorious First of June and St Vincent. In 1799, he became a vice-admiral and served with his friend Admiral Horatio Nelson. At Trafalgar, Collingwood took over after Nelson's death and used his great sailing skills to steer the British fleet back to safety through some appalling weather. It is said he had a delightful sense of humour and a great passion for hating the French - in a very cordial way. Collingwood died at sea while serving in the Mediterranean in 1810.

Antigua, 1970, Capt. Collingwood, HMS Pelican

Bahamas, 2005, Admiral Collingwood; HMS Polyphemus

Dominica, 2005, Nelson explane the plan of attack

Guyana, 2005, Admiral Collingwood

Isle of Man, 2005, Emma, Horatia and Nelson; Band of Brothers

Maldives, 2005, Collingwood; Napoleon; Nelson; Hardy

Maldives, 2005, Battle of Trafalgar

Micronesia, 2005, Death of admiral Nelson

Sierra Leone, 2005, Battle of Trafalgar

Solomon Islands, 2005, Admiral Collingwood

Solomon Islands, 2005, The Nelson Touch

St. Helena Island, 2005, Admiral Collingwood; HMS Royal Soverign

St. Vincent, 2004, Admiral Collingwood

St. Vincent, 2004, Nelson explaining to the officers the plan of attack

Tuvalu, 2005, Admiral Collingwood


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