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Cochrane Thomas

Cochrane Thomas (17751860)

One of the most colourful characters of the era, Thomas Cochrane was courageous, forward-thinking and adventurous. Originally an infantry officer, Cochrane joined the Royal Navy and took command of a small brig, with which he harassed enemy shipping in the Mediterranean. Nicknamed the Sea Wolf, Cochrane's audacity knew almost no bounds. On one... More...

Chili, 1910, Admiral Cochrane

Chili, 1916/1921, Admiral Cochrane

Chili, 1928/1935, Admiral Cochrane

Chili, 1928/1935, Admiral Cochrein

Chili, 1928/1935, Admiral Cochrane

Chili, 1976, Admiral Cochrane

Chili, 1976, Capture of Valdivia, 1820

Chili, 1976, Capture of Esmeralda. 1820

Chili, 1976, Cruiser Cochrane

Chili, 1976, Destroyer Cochrane. 1962

Chili, 2009, Stamp with Thomas Cochrane

Peru, 1921, Admiral Kochrane

Chili, 1976.01.06, Santiago. Lord Cochraine


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