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Gneisenau Augustus von

Gneisenau Augustus von (1760—1831)

Born into a Saxon military family, Augustus Gneisenau first served with the Austrians before joining the British for their efforts to hold on to America. In 1786, he was commissioned by the Prussians and then began serious study of military matters. Gneisenau was at Jena and then made his reputation in 1806 with a fine defence of Colberg against... More...

DDR, 1960, General von Gneisenau

DDR, 1960, General von Gneisenau

DDR, 1963, Generals von Gneisenau and von Blucher

German Federal Republic, 2010, Graz fon Gneisenau

German Federal Republic, 2010, 250th Birth Anniv of Gneisenau


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