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Humboldt Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl Ferdinand

Humboldt Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl Ferdinand (1767—1835)

Government functionary, foreign diplomat, philosopher, founder of Humboldt Universität in Berlin, friend of Goethe and especially of Schiller, is especially remembered as a German linguist who introduced a knowledge of the Basque language to European intellectuals. His younger brother Alexander von Humboldt was equally famous in the natural... More...

Berlin, 1952, W. von Humboldt

Berlin, 1985, Wilhelm von Humboldt monument in Berlin

DDR, 1950, Wilhelm Humboldt

DDR, 1960, Monuments of brothers Humboldt

DDR, 1960, Gumboldt brothers

Berlin, 1985.02.21, Berlin. Gumboldt 's House

DDR, 1985.03.10, Berlin. Brothers Gumboldt


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