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Fichte Johann Gottlieb

Fichte Johann Gottlieb  (17621814)

Fichte was born at Rammenau in Upper Lusatia in 1762. He studied theology at the University of Jena, where, some years later, he occupied the chair of philosophy. Dismissed from Jena as a result of a violent controversy, he lectured at Berlin, where he became identified with the Romantic Movement. In 1807 and 1808 he delivered in Berlin his famous Addresses to the German Nation, which were aimed at stirring up the patriotic spirit of his countrymen and enlightening them on the foundations for national prosperity. Fichte died of typhus in 1814. His masterpiece is Foundation of General Science.

DDR, 1962, Fichte's birthplace

DDR, 1962, Johann Fichte

German Federal Republic, 2012, Johann Gottlieb Fichte

DDR, 1962.05.17, Berlin. Fichte

German Federal Republic, 2012.05.02, Berlin. Johann Gottlieb Fichte

German Federal Republic, 2012.05.02, Bonn. Johann Gottlieb Fichte


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