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Viazemsky (Вяземский) Pyotr Andreevich

Viazemsky (Вяземский) Pyotr Andreevich  (1792—1878)

Russian poet. When Napoleon invaded Russia, Prince Viazemsky joined the militia under General Miloradovich, an outstanding hero of the campaign of 1812. Prince Viazemsky won distinction in the Battle of Borodino, after which the Russians were forced to abandon Moscow to the enemy. One of Viazemsky's early poems is dedicated to Russia's subsequent occupation of Paris.

Russia, 1999, Pushkin. In right, near table — Bulgarin and Viazemsky

Russia, 1992.07.23, Moskow. Birth Bicentenary of Petr Viazemsky

Russia, 1998, Museum of Viazemsky

Russia, 1999, Pushkin's monument in Ostafievo

Russia, 2004, 250th Birth Anniversary of Shishkov

Russia, 1992, Birth bicentenary of Viazemsky


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