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Pavlov () V. A.

Pavlov () V. A. (17931812)

He was the Second lieutenant, the commander of an artillery platoon of 1-st easy battery of guards of Horse artillery. He had refused, contrary to the order of the commander, to leave a position on Semenovsky fleshes. The battery with 8 guns has entered struggle against the 30-cannon French battery fired fleshes. The artillery platoon of second lieutenant Pavlov successfully conducted shooting, putting out of action enemy guns. Artillery duel proceeded in 2 hours, but any of guns of 1-st battery has not been damaged. In this battle Pavlov was killed, amazed by splinters pomegranates in a breast and in a head.

Russia, 1995, Mikhail Kutuzov, sculpture Soldiers

Russia, 2000, Birth Centenary of sculptor Tomsky


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