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14 October, 1806

Jena 14 October, 1806

The battle of Jena began with the chance evening meeting of Marshal Lannes' corps with a Prussian force of 35,000 men under General Friedrich Hohenloe. Sending for immediate reinforcement, Lannes camped near the enemy positions. Throughout the night new units moved up until French forces numbered at least 50,000, more men were on the way ensuring... More...

Chad, 1999, Battle from Jena

Congo, 1969, Battle of Jena

DDR, 1958, University

Equatorial Guinea, 1976, Battle of Jena

Equatorial Guinea, 1977, Battle of Jena

Germany. Thuringen, 1946, Kamsdorf Bridge, Jena

Manama, 1970, Battle of Jena

Sharjah, 1970, Battle of Jena

Sharjah, 1970, Battle of Jena

Sharjah, 1970, Battle of Jena. Battle on Moscow-river

Sharjah, 1970, Napoleon Bonaparte. Battle of Jena

France, Paris, post office Jena on bd Jena


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