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June 14, 1807

Friedland June 14, 1807

As he looked down on the town of Friedland, General Bennigsen must have been pleased. Opposing his 61,000 Russians were a mere 17,000 French troops. Moving forward with some 40,000 men, he found that his enemy was putting up stiff resistance and the opposing Marshal Lannes was refusing to give ground to superior numbers. Bennigsen now found his men split by the Alle river and suddenly assaulted by 80,000 Frenchmen under the personal command of Napoleon Bonaparte. It took the emperor under two hours to smash the Russian left wing and only one more to send them fleeing for safety. Russian losses were some 20,000 men and 80 cannons, while the French suffered 12,000 casualties.

Congo, 1969, Battle of Friedland

Equatorial Guinea, 1977, Battle of Friedland

France, 2004, Mounted Rifleman

France, 2004, Gunner

France, 2004, Dragoon

France, 2004, Mameluk

France, 2004, Napoleon

France, 2004, Bombardier

Guinea, 1991, Napoleon, battle of Friedland

Ras al-Khaima, 1969, Battle at Friedland; Napoleon in His Study


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