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Danilov monastery

Danilov monastery

Man's monastery on right protect Moscow-river. It is based in the end of XIII century by the Moscow prince Daniel Aleksandrovich. In 1812 before the introduction of the French armies into Moscow vestry of Danilov's monastery has been taken out to Vologda, treasury - in the Trinity-Sergiev monastery. The remained property was plundered by the French soldiers. Buildings have escaped. In 1929 a monastery was closed.

Russia, 1997, Danilov monastery and prince Daniil

Russia, 2002, Danilov monastery

Russia, 1993, Danilov monastery

Russia, 1997, Danilov monastery

Russia, 2001, Danilov monastery

Russia, 2003, Danilov monastery

Russia, 1992.06.16, Moskow. St. Daniil monastery

Russia, 1992.06.16, Moskow. St. Daniil monastery


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