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Waterloo. 18 июня 1815

Waterloo. 18 июня 1815

One of the most decisive battles of the Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo was fought in a small area (some 10km by 4km) on the main road leading south from Brussels. It was the first clash of the Titans - Napoleon Bonaparte versus the Duke of Wellington - and it was a win all/lose all scenario. Bonaparte had brilliantly outmanouevred both the Anglo-Allied... More...

Belgium, 1990, Battle of Waterloo

Belgium, 2011, Lion of Waterloo

British Indian Ocean Territory, 2010, Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo

Cuba, 2001, Battle of Waterloo

Gibraltar, 1972, The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

Gibraltar, 1973, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Gibraltar, 1973, Grenadier Guards

Gibraltar, 1974, East Lancashire Regiment

Gibraltar, 1975, Highland Light Infantry

Great Britain, 2009, Battles of Wellington

Isle of Man, 2000, Ensign Caesar Bakon and Duke of Wellington, Battle of Waterloo

Manama, 1972, Napoleon at Waterloo

Mozambique, 2009, Napoleon

St. Lucia, 1984, Waterloo, George III

St. Vincent, 2002, Battle of Waterloo

Tanzania, 1999, Scott Grays at Waterloo

Belgium, Braine l'Alle. Waterloo

Belgium, Waterloo

Belgium, 1990.06.16, Braine l'Alle. Napoleon and Wellington

Great Britain, 1973.06.18, Postal Service of British forces. Waterloo Day

Great Britain, 1990.06.18, London. Apsley House. 175th Anniversary Battle of Waterloo

USA, Waterloo, USA

Great Britain, 1992, Scout Guards

Great Britain, 1994, Bicentenary of Gordons Highlanders


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