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Beyle Marie-Henri (Stendhal)

Beyle Marie-Henri (Stendhal)(1783—1842)

Better known by his nom de plume of STENDHAL, French author, was born at Grenoble on. the 23rd of January 1783. With his father, who was an avocat in the parlement of Grenoble, he was never on good terms, but his intractable disposition sufficiently explains his unhappy childhood and youth. Until he was twelve years old he was educated by a... More...

France, 1942, Stendhal

France, 1983, Stendhal

Monaco, 2008, Stendhal

DDR, 1983.01.23, Stendal. Portrait of Stendhal

France, 1955.05.20—28, Grenoble. Stendhal

France, 1955.05.23, Grenoble. Stendhal

France, 1982/1983, Grenoble. Stendhal

France, 1983.11.12, Grenoble. Stendhal

France, 1983.11.12, Paris. Stendhal

France, 1983.11.12, Saint-Martin. Stendhal

France, 1993, Grenoble. Stendhal

Italy, 1983.12.11, Parma. Stendhal

France, 2007, Stendhal


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