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Bernadotte Jean-Baptiste

Bernadotte Jean-Baptiste (1763—1844)

One of the most controversial of Napoleon Bonaparte's marshals, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was a committed republican whose career, mainly a self-serving one, can be divided into three stages. The first was his rise through the ranks of the French army from 1780 to 1794 and saw him go from enlisted man to general of division. Along the way he... More...

Gabon, 1969, Oath of the Army

Guyana, 1993, Coronation of Napoleon

Norway, 2013, Statue of Swedish Norwegian king Karl Johan III

Ras al-Khaima, 1970, Coronation of Napoleon

Sweden, 1973, Charles XVI John

Sweden, 1994, Charles XVI John

Sweden, 1999, Charles XVI John riksdaler


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