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Dufour Guillaume-Henri

Dufour Guillaume-Henri (1787—1875)

Swiss general. He served in the French army under Napoleon I, and in 1847 he led the Swiss federal forces to victory against the Sonderbund. A noted cartographer, he was also the author of several military treatises and histories. Dufour presided over the first Geneva Convention, which established (1864) the International Red Cross.

Gambia, 2010, Guillaume-Henri Dufour

Grenada, 2010, Guillaume-Henri Dufour

Guinea, 2007, Guillamme-Henri Dufour

Guinea, 2007, Guillamme-Henri Dufour

Guinea, 2010, General Dufour

Monaco, 1963, Moynier, Dunant and Dufour

Palau, 2010, General Dufour

St. Kitts, 2010, General Dufour

Switzerland, 1937, General Dufour


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