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Lichtenstein Johann Josef von

Lichtenstein Johann Josef von (17601836)

Sovereign prince the ruler of Lichtenstein by the name of Hans I (1805-1836), duke to Tropau and Yagendorf, field marshal (1809). Begin the service into 1782 Lieutenants in the Austrian kirasir regiment. In 1794 for the differences in the battles against the Frenchmen in the Rhine it is produced in Major-Generals. Played the decisive role in the battle in Wurtzburg (1 - 3.09.1796). It deserved the glory of the outstanding cavalry chief. Played important role in Suvorov's victory above the Frenchmen with Trebbii (18.06.1799), for which it was produced in field marshals. In the battle in Salzburg broke the French group of General Lekurb. After catastrophe in Ulm it arose in the chapter of the newly formed housing. After crushing defeat in Austerlitz into 1805 it conducted the negotiations about the peace, which concluded in Presburg. In 1808 it is produced in Generals from the cavalry. In 1809 he commanded the 1st reserve housing. With Asperne and Vagrame headed Austrian the cuirassier. For the appeared selfless heroism received in the army the nickname "First soldier Asperna". After defeat it accepted from archduke Karl command by army. On 1809 14th of October concluded

Shenbrunns peace treaty.

Ajman, 1971, Napoleon after Austerlitz

Ajman, 1971, Ulm

Central African Republic, 1969, Napoleon meeting Francis II

Fujeira, 1972, Napoleon meet Franz II

Fujeira, 1972, Napoleon meet Franz II

Guinea, 1994, Prince de Lichtenstein, Battle of Austerlitz

Liechtenstein, 1920, Prince Johann I

Liechtenstein, 1942, Prince Johann I

Liechtenstein, 2002, Stamp with Prince Johann I

Liechtenstein, 2006, Johann I

Rwanda, 1969, Napoleon meeting Francis II


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