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Napoleon II, François Charles Joseph Bonaparte

Napoleon II, François Charles Joseph Bonaparte(1811—1832)

Napoleon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte, Duke of Reichstadt, was briefly the second Emperor of the French. His Majesty Napoleon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte, King of Rome, Prince Imperial of France was the son of Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte and his second wife, Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria. He was titled as HM King of Rome, which Napoléon I declared was the title of the heir-apparent (though it was only a title, and if he came of age, he still would not actually rule). Three years after his birth in Paris, the First French Empire - to which he was heir - collapsed, and Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated the throne in favour of his infant son, who was taken by the empress to Chateau Blois in April 1814. In 1815, after his defeat at Waterloo, Napoleon again abdicated in favour of his son. The Chamber of Representatives and Chamber of Peers recognised him as Emperor from the moment of his father's abdication (22 June 1815), but the entrance of the Allies into Paris (7 July) put an end to this short-lived regime. Despite his nominal reign, he is not normally referred to as "Napoleon II" except by Bonapartists who also call him the King of Rome. Nevertheless, the next Napoleon to come to the throne of France took the name Napoleon III in deference to him. After 1815, Napoleon was a virtual captive in Austria. He was awarded the title of Duke of Reichstadt in 1818. He died of tuberculosis at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna on July 22, 1832. In 1940 his remains were transferred, as a gift to France from Adolf Hitler, from Vienna to the dome of Les Invalides in Paris, where he now rests beside his father. He was also known as "L'Aiglon", or "The Eaglet". Edmond Rostand wrote a play, L'Aiglon about his life.

Ajman, 1971, Marie-Louise and the King of Rome

Ajman, 1973, Napoleon in the room of King of Rome

Chad, 1971, King of Rome

Chad, 1971, Napoleon after return from Elba

Chad, 1971, King of Rome

Fujeira, 1972, King of Rome

Manama, 1972, Napoleon in the room of King of Rome

Monaco, 1974, The King of Rome

Monaco, 2011, Napoleon II

St. Helena Island, 2007, Napoleon II

France, 1969.12.13, Paris. Napoleon II

St. Helena Island, 2007.01.16, St. Helena Arms of Napoleons


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